Beta Reading and Editing


For $.001 USD per word, I will provide detailed, 100% honest commentary (with examples) on:

  • Opening hook and ending
  • Structure
  • Plot, plausibility, and logic
  • Characterization
  • Dialogue
  • Pacing
  • Genre fit (I only work with genres I have read widely in)
  • Setting and world building
  • Craft and style
  • Highlights and lowlights

Every beta read includes in-manuscript notes and a multipage write-up.


For $.003 USD per word, I will correct or query:

  • Spelling, punctuation, grammar, sentence structure, and usage (default resources are Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary, Eleventh Edition and The Chicago Manual of Style, Sixteenth Edition)
  • Redundant, awkward, or unclear language
  • Overused words and phrases
  • Continuity issues

This service is meant for manuscripts that have been previously edited or that are reasonably clean copy. No rough drafts, please. The listed price is for two manuscript passes.


For $.006 USD per word (one round) or $.008 USD per word (two rounds, with an opportunity for revisions before the second round), I will conduct a line-by-line edit to address:

  • Spelling, punctuation, grammar, sentence structure, and usage (default resources are Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary, Eleventh Edition and The Chicago Manual of Style, Sixteenth Edition)
  • Redundant, awkward, or unclear language
  • Overused words and phrases
  • Sections that need trimming or expansion
  • Transitions and flow
  • Issues with logic, plot, or authenticity
  • Issues with craft (show vs tell, speech tags, head hopping, passive voice, ineffective style choices, etc.)
  • Consistency of names, details, tense, and point of view

Each round of edits includes two passes through the current draft. Please note that line editing is most effective after big-picture elements (plot holes, pacing, character development, etc.) have been critiqued and revised.

So that customers can gauge compatibility and be assured of the quality of my work, I offer free 1000-word sample edits upon request.

I pride myself on providing thorough, useful, and honest feedback. I also believe in explaining the reasoning behind my suggestions; this way, authors can produce not only a polished, engaging final draft, but also stronger future manuscripts. Note the word “suggestions.” Your manuscript is ultimately yours, and I don’t want to alter your voice or your vision. My primary editing tools are the Track Changes and Comments features in MS Word, so you can accept or reject changes at your discretion. If you’re unfamiliar with how Track Changes works, YouTube has a number of helpful tutorials, and I’m always willing to answer questions.

Keep in mind that even many traditionally published novels aren’t free of errors, despite running the literary gauntlet of an in-house editorial department. No one can guarantee perfection! Likewise, no one can guarantee success. I make no claims that having your book edited or beta read will earn it a publishing contract, an agent, or a spot on a Best Sellers list.


I work with:

  • Young adult, new adult, and adult fiction
  • Novels, novellas, and short stories
  • Speculative (fantasy, science fiction, paranormal, alternate history), mystery, suspense, thriller, most sub-genres of romance, contemporary, LGBTQIA, genre melds, and literary nonfiction
  • Blurbs and query letters (inquire for pricing)

I don’t work with:

  • Non-literary nonfiction
  • Poetry
  • Religious/spiritual


This varies depending on the length of your manuscript and how many clients I have scheduled. If your project has a deadline, please let me know. As a general guideline, you can expect (from your project’s assigned start date) one to two weeks for beta reading, and one to three weeks for proofreading or line editing.


I use PayPal. For proofreading or line editing, 50% of the total cost is due before the edit, the other 50% upon completion. The edited manuscript will be returned once I receive full payment. For beta reading, the total cost is due up front.

Refunds only apply if a project has been cancelled. I reserve the right to keep payment for the portion of the manuscript already edited.

If you refer another author to NAM Editorial and they purchase a line edit, proofread, or beta read, you’ll receive a 10% discount on the cost of your next manuscript.


Inquiries should be sent to

Include your name, your book’s genre and word count, a brief description of your project, and which type of editorial help you’re seeking.

Since I work primarily via Track Changes and Comments, it’s best to attach your manuscript as a Word document. We can discuss other file options if you don’t have access to Word. Before sending your document, please adjust your format to match the following:

  • 12-point, easily readable font
  • 1-inch margins
  • Consistent spacing (either double or single, but double is easier to work with)
  • No blank lines between paragraphs unless it’s to indicate a scene or POV change
  • First lines of paragraphs indented ½ inch (use styles, the format paragraph feature, or the ruler, not the tab or space keys)
  • Page breaks inserted at the end of each chapter

Nondisclosure Policy: I keep all submitted material in strict confidence and will never disclose or share authors’ names or works without their express permission.