“Nikki scores an A+++ from me on not only her skills as an editor but also as a pulse of how the readers I want to attract might react. I received more than 200 comments and four pages of feedback, all of which addressed my questions and some things I hadn’t considered. Her services are so worth the investment for you and any writers in your life!”—Holly Chaille, author of The Poison Season (mystery)

“You cannot go wrong with NAM Editorial. Nikki is extremely thorough, and caught things I don’t think I would have ever given a second thought to. She gives constructive criticism in a way that empowers the writer. In her beta read and edits of my novel, she not only praised what worked, but also pointed out the flaws in detailed manuscript notes. She offered suggestions for the things I was struggling with, and with her advice, I feel that I can finally tackle these problems once and for all. Look no further for an incredible beta reader and editor—Nikki is absolutely amazing!”—A. P. Mobley, author of The Helm of Darkness (YA fantasy)

“Nikki has been a joy to work with, both for beta reading and copy editing/proofreading. Her beta reads are thorough and insightful, with plenty of commentary about high points, flaws, and fit for market. Copy editing is top notch too, with notes on why things have been changed as well as just corrections, which helps me to learn too.”—Elise Noble, romantic suspense author

“I was thrilled with Nikki’s beta read of my book, Ancient Heat. She was thorough, positive, and encouraging, yet not at all hesitant to point out the flaws. Thank you, Nikki!”—Kira Shayde, paranormal romance author

“Working with Nikki is a great experience. She is professional and never misses a deadline. She is able to keep the author’s voice while finding any errors in the manuscript and improving the flow and clarity of the work. I highly recommend her services.”—Calvin Demmer, author of supernatural thrillers Trick or Death, Hungry Ghosts, Labor Day Hunt, Thanks Sinning, Three Dead Men, Happy Dark Year, and Faster

“I reached out to Nikki to both beta read and proofread my collection of short stories, and I was impressed with the whole experience. Her notes were highly educational; like most writers, I had read it myself what seemed like a million times and thought I had fixed everything, but she caught a lot of mistakes that I missed. Self-publishing without an editor is a big mistake and you can’t go wrong with NAM Editorial.”—D. Tolmach, author of Andromeda Mayday

“Using Nicole as my beta reader turned out to be the best decision I have made when it comes to my writing. She surpassed expectations with her thought-provoking feedback that proved to be honest and effective. Her comments on my manuscript were detailed, insightful, and extremely constructive. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a fresh and intelligent pair of eyes to read their manuscript. I will without a doubt be using her again.”—Scarlett Hopper, author of Brief Encounters

“Have you ever wished you had a writing-teacher friend who would evaluate your manuscript with caring criticism? If so, Nicole Mentges is as close as you’ll get. She marked my manuscript with thought-provoking comments that were fun to read, and her summary was perceptive, intelligent, and informed. She reads with curiosity and eagerness, enjoying the plot and characters, and when she (accurately) finds flaws in them, her opinion is constructive rather than discouraging. She also takes the time to mark grammatical errors and sometimes provides a website that explains the rule. If you want to improve your writing without stress and pain, I highly recommend Nicole.”—Glendy Vanderah, author of Where the Forest Meets the Stars (released by Lake Union Feb. 2019)

“I recently contracted NAM Editorial for a beta read, and I intend to use this service again in the near future. I found Nikki’s feedback to be professional, detailed and thoughtful. She was very prompt and delivered feedback ahead of schedule. I found her to be very open and generous with her help and insightful suggestions, and she seems sincerely committed to helping an author produce the highest quality of work.”—L. Rob, author of an upcoming novella series

“Nicole turned out to be more than a beta reader – she provided tools and perspectives that I hadn’t considered when writing. Her helpful suggestions and detailed comments reflect her expertise in the writing field.  With her feedback, I feel like I can not only improve my current story, but my subsequent stories as well.  I will definitely go back to Nicole in the future and highly recommend her to others.”—Ami Johnson, author of The Life Wish

“She’s very efficient and thorough (and I really love her notes). I’ll definitely be requesting her services in the future and recommending her to others.”—Ashley Maile Bartolome, author of The Alchemy Thieves

“Nicole is highly organized, detailed and thorough in her beta reading reviews. Her attention to detail, story and craft is a breath of fresh air to writers who are looking for an honest and thorough review of their work. Using her as a beta reader is one of the best decisions I could have made. The only regret that I have is not finding her sooner.”—Blusse Templeton, novella author